Jobs at The Multiplayer Guys

Nottingham, United Kingdom


Who we are:

We are like you, game developers. We’re nuts about games, we’re gamers and we fundamentally believe in Multiplayer Games. They bind us together with shared experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.

They power cooperation and competition, driving emergent, player-driven moments which hook into our social instincts and desires. They are truly meaningful and essential now and in the future.

We specialise in developing Multiplayer Games and exist to supply this expertise to our partners.

What we do:

We are platform-agnostic. We are currently developing on UE4, Unity, plus a variety of proprietary engines, and we work with all consoles, mobile and streaming platforms including current and next-gen.

We’re already working with some of the world’s biggest AAA multiplayer brands. This breadth and depth of experience means that we are incredibly well-equipped to help develop all styles of multiplayer games.

Our art team:

We have a growing art team – turbo charged with cutting edge workflows, using standard and procedural tools, to help you visualise the world’s most valuable multiplayer experiences.

Visually, we know what multiplayer games need: a broad yet ownable appeal that engages and delights players – helping to establish a global culture.

We also know you need technically robust assets that are easy to integrate and don’t cut on quality; created using pipelines that unlock rapid scalability.

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